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Fostering entails keeping the kittens until they are adopted – which can be weeks, months or longer – it also entails bringing cats and kittens to vet appointments and vaccine clinics and adoption events when they are ready.   If you can fulfill these responsibilities, we’d love to have you as a foster parent.    We will pay for medical costs and food, and we will also find the kittens adoptive homes when they are ready.  We have so many cats in need of temporary homes that will love them until they find their furever family!  If you are willing and able to help in this important way, please fill out our Foster Survey below. Further questions/communication can be sent to

Fostering Survey


We love that members of our community want to help our local cats!  Boone County Animal Care (BCAC) is dedicated to helping cats find and stay in loving homes. A significant focus of our group is trap, spay/neuter, and return (TNR) as an effort to reduce the overpopulation of cats and kittens in our community.  The population of cats we serve are primarily stray, injured, or feral cats and kittens. We are the only rescue who serves this population in Columbia and surrounding areas.  We also assist in hoarding situations.

Many of your questions can be answered with the information detailed below.  Whether you are struggling with your own cat, have kittens, know of stray or homeless cats, and more.  Please read the information below to see if you questions are answered before contacting BCAC.  After reading, if  you feel like our TNR efforts are needed, please complete the TNR survey linked below.  Further questions/communication can be sent to

Please read this entire section before submitting a TNR survey.  Thank you!
TNR Community Cats Survey

Can BCAC  help me find a home for a cat I can no longer keep?
We generally do not accept owner relinquishments into our program.  We are entirely foster based and do not have a building facility; because of this, space is limited.  Taking homeless cats is our top priority because we are the only group with this focus.  Occasionally we are able to assist a family in need, but our main source of adoptable cats is stray or socialized feral cats who have been living on the streets.  If you need guidance for a cat behavior problem or if your vet and/or doctor says you need to give up your cats, please contact us.  Our goal is to help you keep your cats!

Can BCAC take this litter of kittens I found?
Kitten season is in the spring, and we receive many requests to take litters.  We do help many kittens (especially litters from cats we trap and discover are pregnant), but we cannot assist with all kitten litters.  We have a waiting list for intake of kittens and take more as space is available in foster homes.  However, if you are willing to foster, we might be able to assist you much sooner.  Please know, if you give the kittens away without first having them spayed or neutered, you are adding to the homeless pet population!   Also, if you find newborn kittens, PLEASE look for the momma!  Newborns are rarely left unattended by the mom; give it time, wait at a distance, and she will likely return.  This will allow the kittens the best chance to survive with a momma they can nurse from instead of necessitating time-intensive bottle-feeding.

If you cannot take my cat or these kittens, who do I contact?
Other places that may be able to assist with owner relinquishments or kittens are Second Chance in Boonville, Cat Assistance Team in Sedalia, the Central Missouri Humane Society, and Fancy Felines in Columbia (special breeds only).  In addition, there are shelters in St. Louis and Kansas City that may be able to assist.  Certain times of the year like the summer are always busy with kittens, and taking additional cats (whether relinquished or litters) is very difficult for any rescue or shelter.  Most groups are near capacity most of the year and also have waiting lists – but do contact these groups, still.

There is a stray/feral cat(s) in my area.  Can you help me trap and find it a home?
Quite possibly!  This is BCAC’s area of focus – stray and feral cats.  We help trap cats throughout the year, and sometimes we do large trapping events with many volunteers, in addition to helping folks who contact us.  We do have a waiting list, and we can certainly add you to that list.  Please know, we prioritize injured cats first.  Also, you can try to trap the cat(s) yourself using safe TNR techniques described on the Alley Cat’s website, and then have them spayed/neutered before returning them to where you found them. If you feel the cats could be socialized AND if you’re willing to foster them (given the info above), contact us for more info.

Alley Cat’s info:


We are always in need of volunteers and have several ways you can help us!

*Adoption Events

*Social Media

*Data Entry

*And much more, tell us what you are good at!

If you’d like to volunteer with BCAC, fill out the volunteer survey linked below.     Further questions/communication can be sent to

Volunteer Survey


Here  are many of the needs we have:

  • Assist in answering questions/providing information at adoption events
  • Transport cats to events and/or vet appointments
  • Plan and organize fundraising efforts
  • Clean and care for cats in the cat condos at PetSmart
  • Send thank you letters to donors
  • Help with set-up and clean-up at special events
  • Help manage social media and/or graphics creation